Full Feature

Full Feature Videos, are edited in a linear style, reporting on events as they happen. Many times, interviews with the bride and gxroom, as well as the family members and friends closest to them, are included in the final video.

Our feature-length videos are nearly unmatched in quality.  This content includes pre-wedding festivities as well as the entire reception. Depending on how long certain formal events take such as the ceremony, first dances, and reception toasts last, these videos can be upwards of an hour!


Highlight videos are becoming an increasingly popular style of video. This highly edited version of your wedding video lasts between 5 and 10 minutes. With this format there usually isn’t time to include the ceremony or speeches in full, as would usually be the case in a Journalistic video. Highlights from Ceremony, Toasts, Prep, and Reception are used in a Linear or non-linear style depending on your style.


Trailer Videos are perfect for sharing with family and friends on social media platforms. They are typically 1-3 minute and include only highlights of a wedding, corporate message, or special events. Perfect for sharing on social media.


We take your amateur videos and professional photographs and blend them together to create a creative video to share with your family and friends. Keepsake memories to last a lifetime.

Wedding Projects